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The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Write!

To my children,

There are a great many things that you will not understand until you are older. Mommy and I had hoped that you would grow up with a full family – a mommy and a daddy. We wanted share all of our days with you – see all of your games, be at your concerts and plays, see you graduate from school, make the winning score, and share your moments of joy. We hoped we could help you through the tough choices you will face in life. We prayed we would see you grow up to be a great citizen and contribute to the wonderful world we live in.

As you grow up you will come to understand why I am no longer with you. I know that mommy is sad now. But we made sure that your hopes and dreams would come true if something like this ever happened to our family. There is a person I know, a friend, who will visit you often. I looked forward to being part of all the moments in your life. I am so sorry that I’m no there with you now. Please grow up with honor, integrity and respect for others. I am content knowing you will always be comfortable in our home. I hope you smile often and think of me. Know that I will always be with you. I will help guide you and push you when you need me. Be inspired by simple things; listen to sound advice – not opinions; keep good friends near you. You are safe in the warm embrace I have left for you.

My friend will be coming soon. He has much to tell you. He is from The Vermont Agency. It was his hard work that helped mommy and I protect your from financial harm now and in the future. He helped make sure you would be safe in my absence.

I love you. Be great!

Love, Daddy