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Programs and Services

Employer Sponsored Programs

Employer Sponsored Programs, a division of The Vermont Agency, work with business owners to provide the Selective Employee Benefit programs that will help attract and keep good employees through easy and cost-effective plan design.

In addition to traditional plan design we offer additional “value added” services at no cost to the business owner or the employees, including educational seminars, financial consulting, and tuition rewards.

SAGE Scholars Program

The Vermont Agency™ has formed a partnership with SAGE Scholars. SAGE Scholars is a tuition rewards program for private colleges across the country. Our clients are eligible to earn Tuition Reward Points which can be redeemed for discounts off the price of tuition if attending a member school. The discounts are provided by a consortium of participating private colleges across the country, at no additional cost, by saving and investing with our agents. Clients become Account Holders who can sponsor many students (for example, one grandparent can designate multiple grandchildren to receive Tuition Rewards.)

The Vermont Agency is the exclusive authorized SAGE financial partner in northern New England and northern New York State. We recommend that you take the time to learn more about our SAGE Scholars Program.

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