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Our Unique Process

We commit to providing our clients with a consistent quality financial experience with predictable outcomes. We refer to this as our Critical Mass No Boundaries (CMNB™) process. There are four stages:

SIPM™ - Shared Intellectual Property Model
Our goal is that our firm, the entire financial team, is at your disposal throughout the CMNB™ process. All dimensions of our expertise are brought to bear on the entirety of your needs throughout our relationships.

The Critical Mass No Boundaries Process™ was developed not only to provide clients with a predictable experience but because we believe our clients relationships demand the highest degree of professionalism. We are dedicated to holding our clients accountable to reach the goals they set for themselves, their families and their business.

Critical Mass™
The first three stages of our process represent the assessment of resources, both our clients and our agency that can be used to address what needs to be accomplished. Common values are established, assets are quantified, resources are identified and a plan of action is established. We will set the stage for an enduring relationship, establishing a firm foundation as we move to the final stage of our process.

No Boundaries™
Hopes, dreams, goals and desires move from actualization to being nurtured in this final stage. Goals that are perceived can be achieved through our mutual commitment to the continuous evolution of your strategy. Service and commitment help assure the continued success of our relationship.