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Our Process

Driven by Programs and Systems

A key to the mission of The Vermont Agency is to “Dramatically Impact the Lives of Others.” We provide agents and staff the opportunity to be philanthropic, to be civically responsible and leave a lasting legacy.

Employer Sponsored Programs: ESP creates financial planning relationships with businesses in northern New England and upstate New York, implementing qualified retirement plans. This creates opportunities for our agents to work individually with business owners and their employees.

Innovative Wellness: A series of seminars for our agents to use when working with employers, designed to educate employees on becoming financially healthy.

SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program*: College planning allows you access to the SAGE Scholars Program. This is a tuition rewards program for private colleges across the country. By working with a SAGE Financial Partner, clients earn tuition reward points. The Vermont Agency is the exclusive authorized SAGE financial partner in northern New England and northern New York State.

Pro-active Marketing: To help you grow your business we provide turn-key marketing campaigns to use with prospects and clients.

Marketing Systems: We support marketing systems designed to help you at point-of-sale.

Circle of Wealth® system

Don Blanton founded MoneyTrax, Inc. in 1994 and has since gained national recognition for its planning process and easy-to-use client-centered financial software known as the Circle of Wealth® system.

The financial services industry offers many “product based” solutions for clients and programs to agents that help bring products to market. A “product based” approach however is becoming very ineffective in the world today. We believe it will be very difficult to help agents reach the level of success they desire. To be effective we want agents to become known for solving problems rather than for selling products. The Circle of Wealth® system shows you how.

CPA Advantage Program

The CPA Advantage Program supports the educational needs of CPAs and provides the curriculum for our CPA Symposium. Agents have access to many CPE approved seminars, plus through our shared intellectual model the expertise of our team to provide support in delivering these seminars as needed.


CMNB is a unique process used to introduce prospects and clients to the importance of planning. It was developed to assist clients with a predictable experience. The quality of our client relationships demands the highest degree of professionalism. We at The Vermont Agency are dedicated to holding clients accountable to reach the goals they have for themselves, their family and their business.


Our best clients come to us through recommendations from other satisfied clients and our centers of influence. The Advocacy System was developed by Dr. Sziklai, it is based on the significant role agents play as an Advocate, and part of that role involves a unique method of gaining recommendations to position agents to provide other prospects with the financial security they, their families, and their business require.

* Circle of Wealth is a registered trademark of MoneyTrax, Inc.

*For additional details, participating colleges and restrictions go to