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Our Circle of Wealth® Community

The COW Community is a networking opportunity for agents that make a commitment to the Circle of Wealth® system. They meet on a regular basis to share best practices and to continually hone their skills. They learn how to more effectively support the needs of their clients while leveraging the resources available through The Vermont Agency and MoneyTrax, Inc.The Circle of Wealth System is a third-party software system used to graphically illustrate many of the features and benefits of fixed, permanent life insurance, and how it might be used as a financial solution for a client’s situation. Our agents use the following tools within this system to demonstrate financial principles, and to explore your client’s situation:

What Makes Us Different


Circle Talk

The Circle Talk refers to a process we use to help you define your personal circle of wealth. This includes: accumulated money, transferred money and lifestyle money.

In this candid discussion we will together develop a picture of your financial health.

Our specialty is the ability to find the money needed to improve your financial health without changing your lifestyle. We can’t always guarantee we can find the amount of money you may need or want, but we can guarantee that we will exhaust all our efforts to make sure that what you are doing financially is as efficient as possible.

It begins by completing a simple questionnaire.

Mortgage Master

Your home is probably the largest personal investment you will make. How you decide to pay for it can create unnecessary wealth transfers. Wealth transfers occur no matter how you decide to pay for your house.

  • If you finance: you transfer interest to the lending institution for the privilege of using their money.
  • If you pay cash: you save interest, but you lose interest too because that money no longer is earning interest for you.

Understanding where the wealth transfers can occur in your mortgage can prevent unnecessary losses.

Working with our clients we explore questions to assure that you are comfortable with the decisions you are making and the implications of those decisions long term.

Personal Economic Model

Have you taken the time to visualize your financial future? Do you know what you want it to look like?

Most people don’t realize how money actually flows and the impact decisions you make on a daily basis can impact you. We can introduce you to a unique concept we refer to as the Personal Economic Model, to help you gain a true picture of how your money flows.

We help people just like you change their economic outlook, putting them in a better position to realize their future goals and dreams.

Private Reserve Strategy

A Private Reserve Strategy is designed to help you develop or improve your financial position by avoiding or minimizing unnecessary wealth transfers where possible, and accumulate an increasing pool of capital providing accessibility and control.

A fundamental key to the Private Reserve account is that the money (your money) must be accessible through collateralization.

We help assure that you understand this concept!


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The Personal Economic Model® and Private Reserve Strategy® are registered trademarks of MoneyTrax, Inc.