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Why We Are Different

Most financial institutions are sales organizations. The Vermont Agency is as well. Our “differentiation” revolves around four key components:

  1. A clearly defined mission statement, “To Dramatically Impact the Lives of Others”. This does not explain what we do but why we do it. It defines what we hope to accomplish.We are in the “personal accountability business”; we just happen to sell financial services products.
  2. We lead with the values and principles of our firm. These values are shared during the first step in our relationship, “Critical Mass No Boundaries™
  3. We promote process, we interact with clients.We don’t take the generic product approach. The Critical Mass No Boundaries™” process provides clients with a consistent quality financial experience designed to provide solid financial outcomes. We firmly believe that our clients work with us because of the “experience” they receive and our depth of understanding of what they hope to accomplish. This process has two functions; first, is an understanding of values, resources and commitment. The next steps are what we call “Critical Mass™” because they are the foundation of our work together.We follow with implementation and service. We believe thoughtful advice is meaningless without action and follow-up. These are the “No Boundaries” step in our process assuring that our commitment to you is enduring.
  4. The fourth component is our “Shared Intellectual Property Model™”. The model was developed around the belief that a financial person cannot possess all the intellect and expertise required to solve all financial challenges and opportunities. The Vermont Agency prides itself on our breadth of expertise and our focus on bringing in a team approach to our clients.

Our motto is process over product. We believe that there are certain financial decisions that come first and that these decisions have a logical progression toward financial freedom. Our process allows our communication to be clear and concise.We would welcome the opportunity to work with you as your financial advocate to help you create your purposeful plan.

Remember, the future begins tomorrow even if you are reluctant to acknowledge it.