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Corporate Rewards & Recognition Trips

National Life Group® – Incentive Programs

As an affiliate of National Life Group® we are able to provide our full-time agents with additional incentives. These incentives are earned based on pre-defined qualification requirements. Our goal is to help you build your business to enjoy all that is available to you!

Premier Producer Group

The Premier Producer Group (PPG) is in place to recognize those agents that have built their practice to a higher level and consistently deliver results. PPG agents receive incentives such as an additional monthly health insurance subsidy, case review priority and marketing support.

The package is based on prior calendar year Proprietary Credits. New full-time agents can qualify if they can demonstrate they have met the equivalent standards outside of National Life Group®.

President’s Club

President’s Club is an annual incentive trip that recognizes top agents and provides a VIP style event. National Life Group® has taken our top agents around the world from great locations within the States such as Key Biscayne Florida, and Maui Hawaii to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Each year we are excited to see what new travel opportunity will be presented.

Beyond the sights, these trips share best practices and create lasting relationships that are a key part of the National Life Group® culture.

Chairman’s Club

To recognize those that go the extra mile agents may qualify for Chairman’s Club. This is the premier trip for an elite group of agents. They have the opportunity to experience the world at many coveted destinations. Imagine Madeira and Lisbon Portugal, Barcelona Spain, the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney Australia to name a few.

Diamond Club

Diamond club is an enterprise-wide agent recognition program comprised of top agents. Members of this group are the best of the best. Their achievement is celebrated throughout the year with exclusive member benefits.