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Kevin Knebl

Who is Kevin Knebl

Kevin is recognized as a leading authority on LinkedIn and has trained hundreds of companies, associations and organizations and tens of thousands of business professionals on the most effective uses of LinkedIn since 2004. Kevin also has more Recommendations (1805+) on his LinkedIn profile than anyone else in the world among over 380,000,000 LinkedIn members.

Kevin speaks, trains, coaches and consults internationally on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, Online and Offline Networking, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Personal Development from a relational perspective versus a tape on the glasses and pocket protector approach. His speaking, training, coaching and consulting style has been described as a blend of comedian, therapist and stimulating teacher. Individuals and organizations significantly grow their networks, businesses, and revenues through his dynamic, inspirational and humorous trainings, webinars, workshops and individual and group coaching.

All things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they know, like and trust. Kevin teaches how to accelerate your: Know, Like, Trust Factor by taking a sincere interest in your network while adding value to all your relationships. The paradox is that while Social Media leverages technology, it's all about human connections

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Kevin Knebl Schedule

Session 1 - 2/1/23 @ 3pm
Session 2 - 2/15/23 @ 3pm
Session 3 - 3/1/23 @ 3pm 
Session 4 - 3/22/23 @3pm 
Session 5 - 4/5/23 @ 3pm
Session 6 - 4/18/23 @3pm
Session 7 - 5/3/23 @3pm
Session 8 - 5/17/23 @3pm
Session 9 - 5/31/23 @3pm
Session 10 - 6/14/23 @3pm

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